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Thelma Barnes Blackwell                               Beatrice Burson Miller
Ruth Brinley Brown                                         Evelyn Moore
Katherine Floyd Fagen                                    Iona Fidler Reed
Johnetta R. Haley                                            Anita Mae Wallace

The East St. Louis Alumnae Chapter (Delta Delta Omega) of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®, was chartered May 25, 1946. A small group of graduate members, having experienced and enjoyed the sisterhood as undergraduate members, were interested in establishing a graduate chapter in East St. Louis, IL. Though they encountered some difficulty because of the proximity of the city to St. Louis, MO and its chapter (Gamma Omega), members were persistent and the Directorate finally gave its approval and granted a charter.

With the establishment of the East St. Louis Residence Center of Southern Illinois University in 1959, Delta Delta Omega became interested in chartering an undergraduate chapter. Mixed chapter status was granted at the 1966 Boule and seven (7) young ladies became members of the Ivy Leaf Club on January 15, 1967. With the continuous interest and growth of the undergraduate members, Delta Delta Omega applied for and received approval for an Undergraduate City Chapter at the 1968 Boule. Epsilon Iota chapter, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, was chartered in 1969. Delta Delta Omega maintains a significant presence and continues to be a major influence in the East St. Louis community.

As we celebrate 70 years of service, we thank all of our members for their hard work, loyal commitment and sincere dedication while Launching New Dimensions of Service.

                                          CURRENT MEMBERS

Aldridge, Alice (L,S)

Anderson, Alondra

Andrews, Tracy Brooks (S)

Armour, Judith Higgins (L)

Belk, Maurche

Belt, Stephanie Scurlark

Birge, Jewel

Booker, Louise

Brandon, Leah

Brinson, Amanda

Brooks, Deborah (L,S)

Brooks, Taumosa Straughter

Brown, Bettye

Brown, Juanita (L,S)

Brown, Sundra (L,S))

Burton, Maria White

Burgess, Mia

Carter, Berrishea

Cornelius, Emma Campbell

Carter, Deborah Wright

Cason, Chaya Blackmon

Childs, Gwen (L,S)

Clay, Kahalah

Clayton, Sheryl (L,G)

Cobb, Brea

Cobb, Deborah (L,S)

Cox, Dawn

Crockett, Jania

Cruse, Zina

Cummings, Bettye

Daniels, Nakia

Davis, Mary

Dorsey, Daphne Wright

Dunlap, Katrina

Edmond, Robbie Nicholson

Edwards, Marshaye Henderson

Ellington, Shirley

Epps, Doris (L,G)

Fenton, Asianna

Fields, Deborah

Franklin, Ashley

Gardner, Traci

Granberry, Carolyn (L,G)

Graves, Ethel (L,G)

Gray, Leilani (S)

Gray, Shelita

Griffin, Luereatha (L,S)

Guiden, Money (G)

Hamilton, Tracy

Hampton, Kelli Liddell

Harris, Brandi Brown

Harris, Brenda

Harris, Carla

Harris, Danielle

Harris, Rita (L,G)

Harris, Vonetta

Hawkins, Louella (L)

Haywood, Phillis

Heavens, Jenia

Heavens, Michelle

Henderson, Miquia

Higgins, Bernice (LG)

Hill, Destyne Belk

Hill, Rose

Hill, Valeska

Hopkins, Kimberly (L,S)

Howard, Burena (L,S)

Hudson, Brandi

Hunter, Cassandra

Ike, Mica (L,S)

Isom, Latoya

Jackson, Francella (L,S)

Jackson, Linda Brown

Johnson, Gilda

Johnson, Lakeshia Austin

Johnson, Leeola

Jones, Helen (L,S)

Jones, Lora (L,G)

Jumper, Amelia

Key, Lola Birt (L,S)

Kosh, Patricia Heavens (L,S)

Lawson, Marie (L,G)

LeCompte, Peggy Lewis (L,G)*

Little, Vickie Jones (S)

Lumas, Shelley

Manley, Sharon (S)

Mann, Susie (L,G)

Martin, JoAnn (L,S)

McCaskill, Camille (G)

McClellan, Melody (L,S)

Morgan, Doris (L)

Mosley, Misty

Nichols, Vivian (L,G)

Nicholson, Quanshanda

Nicholson, Varrie

Phillips, Lanice

Pickens, Ethel

Poe, Yolanda

Ratliff, Jacquelyn

Reed, Jacquelyn

Relford, Mabel (L,G)

Rice, Dorothy Norris

Robinson, Courtney (L,S)

Royal, Coena (S)

Sanders, Jelita McCorkle

Sayles, Marshiek

Seals, Cne’

Singleton, LaDonna

Sailor, Nichole Sisson

Smith, Mary Crockett

Smith, Ruby

Starks, Telia

Steele, Kathy Walker (L)**

Stewart, Doris (L,S)

Streater, Vernessa

Swanson, Stephanie

Taylor, Carolyn (L,S)

Thomas, Katrina (L,S)

Thomas, Marla

Trice, Sheila

Tucker, Kelly Greenwood

Turley, Shalana

Webb, Jameseva

Young, Cerether White

White, Gloria Campbell (L)

Williams, Angela

Williams, Brandi Aldridge

Winters, Trenise Crowell

Yarbrough, Marlina

Young, Henrietta Pryor


**Central Regional Director

*Former Central Regional Director

 (L) Life Member (S) Silver (G) (Gold)